Hunid’s music travel after a breakup


Music is something that cannot be replaced, and it has a great deal of power, emotionally and mentally. People say music is healing, and that is something no one can deny; it’s something everyone listens too and enjoys. Music is an art; it cannot be ignored, it is used everywhere, and people listen to it for many purposes. Music is played regardless of if the person is sad, happy, tired, etc.. People play music when they celebrate something, be it a wedding, birthday, parties, etc.. They listen to music when they’re sad, and moving through a hard time; it’s a form of healing.

Music helps people express themselves and brings people together irrespective of culture, gender, age, etc.. Not just that, music helps a lot with the psychological health of a person; it helps reduce stress and calms down a person. When people are down and not feeling good about themselves or they feel as though they have no one, they can turn to music and revel in it. There are a lot of singers out there whose songs can be a source of healing and happiness.

One such singer is the twenty-five-year-old rapper from California who goes by the stage name of Hunid. Hunid is a hip-hop/rap artist whose talents are undeniable; not only does he rap and writes his lyrics, but he also produces and sends his movies. He’s released some few singles and EPs, which can be frozen, understand so, Wednesday freestyle, idc, 5 hours, No Oooo’s, I’m scared, over here, ai not the same, lost feels and no more.

His newest and latest single is”too bad,” which is a masterpiece itself. His music shows how talented a person he is, listening to his music can help people connect. There are only a handful of multitalented artists like Hunid at a really young age, and there won’t be any sorrow checking out his music. His songs never failed to amaze the listeners and is such an inspiration.

Hunid lyrics are a narrative of his whole journey after the breakup. He’s struggled a lot, and now after discovering his hidden talent, he is in a lot more joyful place. Through his music, he would like to share people his journey and not to give up. Breakups are painful, but in times it will cure, and one fine day you will be in a better position. Additionally, it helps people to self-care and learns a lot, just like how hunid did. His newest and latest single is”too bad,” which is a masterpiece itself.

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